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File Rain

File Rain File Rain

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File Rain  File Rain is download manager. File Rain speed up downloading speed from 100% to 800% for one (and every) file. It is created for quick and quality download files from Internet by FTP, HTTP, HTTPS protocols.  Support restart broken connections. Have simple and nice visual interface.   File Rain features.   - new visual interface;  - common work optimization;  - job drop box;  - resolving script links (by possible) and download correctly;  - multi-downloading files in same time;  - create many threads for one file (you can change it);  - dynamically dispatching downloading between threads;  - support any count destination directories;  - control of every thread in file download;  - advanced operating and control download data tables;  - support dynamically changing receive data buffer;  - full support drag and drop operations (as to, as from File Rain);  - support list of servers (servers added automatically when you drag&drop new job, Also you can to add new server directly from server list).  - Beautiful function - Open host (now by FTP protocol only. This is buid-in full-functional FTP client. Any count opened server connections! You can connect to servers ALL server list! Also you can add new job from opened server connection, and this connection will opened and active!;  - many more ...   Notes about file download   ATTENTION!!! File Rain do not assign parts of file to download threads only one time. File Rain assign this parts to threads dynamically. It means, that you can to add, edit and delete any count threads in any time. File Rain know himself, how assign part of file to download thread.  File Rain assign any free part to any free thread. For example, You create job with 4 threads and all threads begin file download. Later you stop download, and file didn't load fully. In next time you want delete one thread (last only 3 threads), but before you had 4 threads, and they begin load 4 parts of file! Did you can to delete thread? Of course!!! File Rain seek any not finished part of file and assign it to any free thread! By the way, if you have 4 not finished parts of file and only 3 download threads, File Rain load 3 part before and last part after it (And during download, File Rain can to create any count parts of file for download!).  COUNT OF FILE PARTS AND COUNT OF DOWNLOAD THREADS NOT EQUAL!!!   So don't worry about! Add and delete any count of threads, how you wanted ...   How File Rain speed up?   For fastest file download, File Rain create threads - you can change count, divide file to parts (by count of threads in beginning) and dynamically dispatch downloads beetween this threads. When one of the threads will be finished, File Rain find thread with biggest last size, divide it again and assign divided part to finished thread. By the way, NO ONE THREAD DIDN'T STOP, while all file will not be downloaded!  After downloading of file, File Rain automatically build result file.   Downloading of file with many threads in same time, will be work in any case - it is know File Rain size of file, or not. File Rain will be stop threads after full loading file only.   Also, File Rain check you Internet-connection and make dynamically changes for size of receive data buffer. This changes make file downloading more stability.   You had abilities make common control of downloading file and, also, you had access to control of every download thread of file (popup menu for thread view).   Last information about buying, and newest versions of File Rain and other Onix Software Labs products, you can to get from:   Thank you for using our software and support for us.   Onix Group.

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